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The CONSTELLATION Vision System (Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Fort Worth, TX) is an integrated vitreoretinal system that not only has advanced cutting capabilities, but also highly efficient flow and intraocular pressure control, an embedded 532 nm thin-disc laser system, and intelligent efficiency features that improve every aspect of a vitrectomy procedure.

The development of this system has been a long time in the making. Along with Alcon, the physicians who have been involved with the design of the CONSTELLATION Vision System have put a great deal of thought into the technology and how it would respond to many different surgical scenarios. This supplement to Retina Today offers insight directly from those closest to the development of the CONSTELLATION system. Kirk Packo, MD, discusses the new cutter on the system and explains the importance of duty cycle to improved patient outcomes and efficient vitreoretinal surgery. Steve Charles, MD, explains how the flow control on the cutter functions for more efficient cutting. Roger Novack, MD, outlines how this new system has improved on illumination for smallgauge surgery while minimizing risks for light toxicity. David Dyer, MD, provides his clinical experience with the IOP control and fluidics on the CONSTELLATION system. Timothy G. Murray, MD, FACS, describes the new, highly efficient embedded 532 nm thin-disc PUREPOINT laser and finally, Pravin U. Dugel, MD, defines surgical efficiency and explains how the V-LOCITY Efficiency Components work in an integrated manner on the system to increase surgeon control of the system and make the surgical procedure easier. We also include panel discussions on clinical experience with the CONSTELLATION system featuring David Boyer, MD; Dr. Dugel; Peter K. Kaiser, MD; Dr. Murray; and Stanislao Rizzo, MD.

As vitreoretinal surgery has evolved, there has been an increased focus on not only the quality of patient care, but also on surgical efficiency. Many of us remember the days when four cases would take up an entire day on our surgical schedule. The expanding pathology that is amenable to surgical manipulation, however, has changed the volume of our cases and in turn, our procedures in the OR. The surgeons who have presented articles in this supplement all have asked the question, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could be even more efficient?”

The integrated components of the CONSTELLATION Vision System improve our surgical capabilities and allow us to be more efficient surgeons in the care of our patients. Elegant and effective surgeons are those who are most efficient in their surgical maneuvers, and the CONSTELLATION system affords us the opportunity to be the best we can be for those who put their vision in our hands.

-Allen C. Ho, MD
Chief Medical Editor, Retina Today

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