Main Issue November 2011

Patient Assistance Center

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There’s no denying that drug costs can be high—even for patients with prescription drug coverage as part of their insurance plans. Pharmaceutical companies offer numerous rebate, coupon, and savings programs for patients, and many offer educational and patient support programs, too. We’ve compiled and regularly update a list of current promotions you can share with your patients to help them save money and increase the likelihood they’ll fill their prescriptions and adhere to the treatment plan.


Allergan will give a free sample of Aczone via its website to patients who sign up for a trial offer. The offer can be accessed at After registering, patients can print a voucher to bring to their office visit.


Patients using Coria’s Acanya Gel can sign up for an instant savings card that caps outof- pocket expense at $25. The website where patients register for the program is: Patients can save $2 off CeraVe products with coupons they can print from the website: print-coupons. Patients using Atralin will pay no more than $25 with a coupon: http://www.atralingel. com/index.html.

Ferndale Laboratories

Ferndale Laboratories continues the Treatment Assurance Program that can reduce co-pays for Ferndale brands through an instant rebate card for patients prescribed a Ferndale brand. Eletone, Pramosone E (hydrocortisone acetate 2.5%/pramoxine HCl 1.5%) Cream and Pramosone Lotion are all covered. Patients can have unlimited refills and will not be subject to an activation process. Physicians can obtain the rebate cards by calling 1-877-352-6294.


A $35 rebate is available for Galderma’s Differin consumers. Patients can get their rebate at member. Home.aspx.

  • Taking a survey can land a $5 rebate for a patient’s next prescription of Capex shampoo:
  • Users of Clindagel can receive a $15 rebate off their next purchase by completing a survey at
  • Epiduo patients may sign up for the company’s Instant Advantage Card, which ensures they’ll pay no more than $35 on prescription costs. The cards are available at
  • Patients using Clobex can get a $30 maximum payment promise by visiting

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