Main Issue May/June 2017

The NeoStrata Prosystem Retinol Peel

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In each issue, Modern Aesthetics® taps a top cosmetic physician to discuss the newest cosmeceutical that they have introduced into their practice. Here, dermatologist M. Elizabeth Briden, MD, FAAD, CEO and Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute in Edina, MN, tells us how the NeoStrata Prosystem Retinol Peel fits into her practice and why her patients are such fans of this peel.

What is the NeoStrata ProSystem Retinol Peel?

“The NeoStrata Prosystem Retinol Peel is an advanced, physician-strength peel that contains a high potency retinol (3%) in combination with the unique, patented, synergistic active ingredients NeoCitriate and Aminofil (Retinol Boosting Complex) to greatly enhance collagen and dermal matrix production. The advanced formulation also contains soothing and antioxidants ingredients (bisabolol and vitamin E). The peel is designed to exfoliate and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help reduce acne and improve skin laxity while promoting a bright, even, and clear complexion. It is designed for patients who have mild to severe photoaging, acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and age spots, and/or anyone wishing to improve their overall complexion. It is a very effective peel with minimal downtime, showing visible results even after one peel, although a series of four to six peels at four to six week intervals is recommended. The benefits of the proven ingredient retinol are well known.”

How do you incorporate this peel into patient care/practice?

“The ProSystem Retinol Peel can be easily incorporated into your patients’ treatment regimen for many skin conditions. It is a great procedure to jumpstart any anti-aging or rejuvenation treatment program or to clear acne in patients of all ages. The peel is very easy to apply in a one-step, in-office process that needs to be washed off at home approximately eight hours later. Patients are usually well-versed on the benefits of retinol and are excited to try a proven, effective treatment.”

Any risks or contraindictaions?

“The ProSystem Retinol Peel has minimal risks and few contraindications associated with it. Patients who are pregnant, have been on Accutane in the past six months, or have any known sensitivity to retinoids should not use the peel. Patients will experience flaking and peeling of the skin beginning on about day two or three, which will subside after five to seven days. Downtime is minimal as the flaking and peeling can be reduced with the use of therapeutic moisturizers. Make-up can be worn even during the peeling phase. Sunscreen usage is imperative with the peels as skin will be more sensitive to the sun.”

How is patient satisfaction?

“Patients love the ProSystem Retinol Peel and their results! It is a very simple procedure with minimal risks and downtime and immediate results. It is not painful and patients experience flaking and peeling that they expect to have with a peel. They love the smooth, silky feel and overall radiant appearance of their skin afterward.”

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