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August 2017August 2017

The Literature By Elizabeth D. Marlow, MD; Paul Petrakos, DO; and Charles Cole, MD

Dispatch From the Cutting Edge Researchers reported on new drugs, diagnostics, and devices at the 2017 ARVO Annual Meeting.
By Kunjal K. Modi, MD, and Albert S. Khouri, MD

A Two-Pronged Approach Using retinal photography and perimetry to diagnose glaucoma.
By Murray Fingeret, OD, and Richard A. Lewis, MD

Future Shock The current proliferation of new options for the surgical management of glaucoma may be just the beginning.
By Jonathan S. Myers, MD

The Problem With Oil By James Lin, MD

Show Me the Money Coding tips for teleglaucoma.
By April Maa, MD

News and Innovations

June 2017June 2017

Beware the Impostor Differentiating glaucoma from anterior ischemic optic neuropathy.
By Siddarth Rathi, MD, MBA, and David S. Greenfield, MD

Surgical Management of Traumatic Glaucoma A stepwise approach.
By Omolola O. Idowu, MBChB, MRCS(Ed), and Carla I. Bourne, MD

My First Subconjunctival MIGS Cases The learning curve, the snags, and the overall experience of adopting a new procedure.
By Inder Paul Singh, MD

A Balancing Act Managing advanced, uncontrolled glaucoma in the elderly can present unique challenges.
By Michael C. Stiles, MD

Moving Beyond IOP Can OCT-A aid glaucoma diagnosis and management?
By Kunjal K. Modi, MD, and Albert S. Khouri, MD

Dispatch From Down Under The state of glaucoma care in Australia.
By Michael Coote, MB, BS, FRANZCO, GAICD

Promoting Diversity The National Medical Association works to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in medicine.
By Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD

Managing Glaucoma in the Patient With Herpetic Disease Success requires treating the underlying disorder, inflammation, and elevated IOP.
By Adam Breunig, MD, and Steven V. L. Brown, MD

Inflammatory Glaucomas Advice on their detection and treatment.
By Lily Im, MD

Isarna Presents Positive Clinical Data for ISTH0036

April 2017April 2017

A Targeted Approach Endocyclophotocoagulation for glaucoma management.
By Chungkwon Yoo, MD, PhD, and Shan C. Lin, MD

Cyclophotocoagulation Controversy Using this treatment option earlier in the disease course and in sighted eyes.
By James Fox, MD

The Role of Surgery A blueprint for treatment.
By Edward S. Yung, MD, and Marlene R. Moster, MD

New Diagnostic Tools OCT angiography, PERG, and corneal hysteresis.
By Jonathan S. Myers, MD

The Literature By Darrell WuDunn, MD, PhD, and Joshua W. Evans, MD

Highlights of the AGS Annual Meeting The latest results of clinical trials and research studies presented at the 27th Annual Meeting of the American Glaucoma Society, held March 2 to 5, 2017, in Coronado, California.
By Ambika Hoguet, MD, and Lucy Q. Shen, MD

Where We Are Today With MIGS With Leon W. Herndon, MD; Oluwatosin U. Smith, MD; Mahmoud A. Khaimi, MD; Sameh Mosaed, MD; Michael D. Greenwood, MD; Steven R. Sarkisian Jr, MD; Michael Berlin, MD, MS; Vigan Roka, MD; Michael Riggs; and Ulrich Giers, MD; Steven D. Vold, MD; Marc Töteberg-Harms, MD, FEBO; Erik L. Mertens, MD, FEBOphth, and Howard Barnebey, MD

Research Update on Laser Trabeculoplasty A literature search reveals interesting findings from 2016.
By Tony Realini, MD, MPH

February 2017February 2017

The Literature By David L. Phillips, MD, and Norman A. Zabriskie, MD

The Role of Perfusion Pressure Risk factors other than IOP play a role in the pathogenesis of glaucoma.
By Robert N. Weinreb, MD; Jeffrey M. Liebmann, MD; and Louis R. Pasquale, MD

Point/Counterpoint: Has a Replacement for Trabeculectomy Finally Arrived? By Davinder S. Grover, MD, MPH, and Steven J. Gedde, MD

Journey to the Cutting Edge Nonaccredited ophthalmology meetings preview the future.
By Larissa Camejo, MD

A Case of Pediatric Sturge-Weber Syndrome The steps that saved the vision of a 3-year-old girl.
By Jayasree Venugopal, MS, MBBS

December 2016December 2016

Preservative-Free Alternatives Options for decreasing ocular toxicity in patients with glaucoma.
By Arkadiy Yadgarov, MD, and Reena A. Garg, MD

On The Horizon New medications give fresh hope for treating glaucoma.
By Jason Bacharach, MD

Sustained-Release Drug Delivery: the Future of Glaucoma Treatment Several devices are being investigated.
By Justin A. Schweitzer, OD, FAAO, and Mitch Ibach, OD, FAAO

Industry News

Phaco-Goniosynechialysis: Tap, Sweep, and Tweep By Jonathan S. Myers, MD

Fixed Combinations A mainstay of glaucoma management today and tomorrow.
By Robert D. Fetchner, MD, and Albert S. Khouri, MD

From the Trenches What is maximal medical therapy today? Three physicians share their thoughts.
By Howard Barnebey, MD; Carla J. Siegfried, MD; and Julia Song, MD

The Adherence Problem Its scope and strategies for its reduction.
By Henry D. Jampel, MD, MHS

The Literature By Jonathan Paul, MD, and Sheila Sanders, MD

Glaucoma in the Octogenarian Considerations in treating the advanced elderly.
By Samuel P. Solish, MD

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