Bausch + Lomb Launches Pharmaceuticals Business in India

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In a move to capture part of the rapidly expanding ophthalmic pharmaceuticals market in India, Bausch + Lomb announced plans to launch a pharmaceutical business in India through a strategic agreement with Micro Labs (Bangalore, India).

The partnership will provide Bausch + Lomb with manufacturing capabilities in the region that will speed the introduction of new prescription and over-the-counter medicines targeted at a wide range of ocular diseases, according to a Bausch + Lomb news release. The company will also establish sales and marketing teams in India and deliver practitioner and patient education programs designed to improve the quality of, and access to, eye care. Additionally, the companies will introduce up to six new pharmaceutical eye drops including Moxisurge, Aquasurge, Aquasurge Max, Bromvue, Ketovue, and Moxisurge-KT.

– Compiled by Steve Daily, News Editor; and Callan Navitsky, Assistant Editor

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